Hydraulic Reference

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Hydraulic Reference

The Hydraulic Reference Turntable emplys a low-speed, recoil start synchrononus motor on a double-deck spring mounting driving the platter via a neoprene rubber belt, thereby providing complete vibration insulation. The main bearing incorporates a silicone fluid well rotating at the same speed as the platter, fine speed control being provided by a static vane immersed inthe fluid. Platter speed is therefore determined by the a.c. mains frequency, which is effectively constant, and the viscous fluid flow onto the vane, also effectively constant. Speed changing (45 r.p.m and 33.3 r.p.m.) is accomplished by moving the drive belt from one motor pulley to the other and a neon-lit stroboscope is provided for accurate speed setting. in order to eliminate completely any mechanical shock to the equipment, on/off switching of the drive motor is accomplished by means of a magnetically-actuated vacuum switch. The sintered gold contacts on this switch guarantee an extremely long operational life.


Platter 305mm diameter, machined from a solid billet of alumnium, fitted with six gold-plated brass inertia weights. The record is supported on neoprene pads therby reducing rumble and induced static to an absoloute minimum.

Main Bearing Slim section ball-ended ground and polished steel spindle running onto a hardened steel thrust pad and into PTFE bushes.

Motor Single-phased synchronous, recoil start.

Power Requirement 110v or 240v, single-phase, 50Hz or 60Hz. Fused at 1A.

Speeds 33.3 and 45 r.p.m

Speed Control +/-2% of nominal

Speed Indication Neon-lit stroboscope geared up 6 : 1 to give a six degree reading for a one degree variation in platter speed.

Wow & Flutter 0.01% at 33.3 r.p.m.

Dimensions 438mm x 432mm x 178mm.

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