9” Fluid Tonearm

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Fluid Arm

The Fluid Arm is specifically for use with modern cartridges of not more than 16 grammes weight , tracking at not more than 2 grammes. the fluid arm employs a unipivot working in an oil-filled well, so that the arm beam assembly relies for its lateral-support, stabilty and resonant damping fluid surrounding the pivot. This results in a substantially friction-free pivot of high stabilty. An adjustable eccentric counterweight allows both lateral and longitudinal balanceing of the arm. Fine control of longitudinal balancing to allow adjustment of the stylus tracking force within a fraction of a gramme is provided by a screwed counterweight.

Also provided is a bias compensating device so designed as to use a rolling motion. An adjustable bias weight operating throught a pulley gives correct compensation as the stylus moves towards the centre of the record.

A lifting and positioning (or "cueing") device is provided incorporating a hydraulic lowering handwheel which lowers the arm onto the record automatically, but which can be over-ridden when required for accurate positioning.


Length 9" (229mm)

Fixing 18mm diameter mounting hole

Counterweight Overhang 3" (76mm)

Overall Length 12" (305mm)

Pivot to turntable centre 8.5" (305mm)

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