New Products




Acoustic feedback feet
Three aluminium feet fitted with sorbathane isolation pads. With a small foot print the contact area area supporting surface is very small, thereby reducing the transfer of vibrations.

Acrylic plinth
The plinth is manufactured from 20mm thick non-resonant clear acrylic and thus eliminates acoustic and mechanical feedback. Available in either clear or black.

Motor assembley suspension system
The motor assembley is a two-stage isolation array. The main section is supported on three, coiled compression springs and the second stage which carries the motor, is suspened via three conical springs. This two stage system insulates the assembley from the acrylic plinth itself.

The flat platter is manufactured from Corian and exhibits excellent damping and sonic characteristics. Optional aluminium inertia platter weights are also available.

Main bearing
Slim section ball-eneded ground and polished steel spindle, running into a one piece, Delring bearing assembley.

Synchronous motor
We have used synchronous motors in all our products since the early 1960’s. The excellent benifits include longlife, maintence free and speed stabilty.

33.3rpm & 45rpm, manual change.

Available for most current and classic tonearms.

Power requirements
Suitable for worldwide use.

Width 440mm
Depth 420mm
Height 80mm